Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit Review

Takeaway: Good strap-on sex comes down to communication - and well-chosen gear. The major disadvantage is the dildo is often held loosely (especially on cheap harnesses) and tends to flop downwards, and the dildo often can rotate in the harness, making it difficult or impossible to use g-spot or other shaped dildos. Other harnesses, made of more durable fabric, can be adjusted correctly for pleasure and comfort.

These dildos are too heavy, and as much of a boss as my vagina is , I cannot and will not actively clench with it the entire time I'm fucking someone. Latex harnesses usually cover the entire area, rather than just using straps. Both the dildo and bullet-vibe can be used without the strap-on if you want some solo fun.

This article will cover the basics of how a harness is used, the different types of harnesses as well as the pros and cons of the different types of strap-on dildos based on materials and features. The two dildos offer a variety of climaxes from vaginal, to G-spot, to P-spot while pegging.

This is our favorite strap-on dildo. Recently, for instance, pegging” (when a woman uses a strap-on to have anal sex with a man) has gained significant traction cultural awareness-wise, to the point of being featured in mainstream television and film (lookin' at you, Broad City).

Silicone-based strap-on dildos are the best option for personal hygiene. The more I talk to couples about sex toys, the more I realize that strap-on play or pegging is not as taboo as I once thought. Like all of Tantus's toys, the dildos in the Bend Over Beginner Kit are made of 100% high-quality, medical-grade, ultra-premium silicone blend.

When you want a unique looking dildos or toy, such as an icicle, raindrop or a princess, acrylic is the way to go. They offer a very discreet toy because they can look casual, like strapon dildo a piece of art you would sit on the shelf, not a sex toy in your night stand.

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